An Introduction to Neitherworld

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Neitherworld is a game that has been rumbling around in my head for the past year. I’ve written bits and pieces of it. Most of these I have found unsatisfying. I’ve been trying to determine why that is the case.

So far, this blog (which gets its name from the aforementioned game-embryo) has been useful for that. In Neitherworld, the characters that I’d want to play are larger than life, internally conflicted characters. It doesn’t make sense to design this game with the assumption that you need multiple characters of this type in order to tell a worthwhile story. It makes even less sense to assume that you need other types of playable characters. I’ve been having a lot of trouble breaking myself of these assumptions.

Now, I think that I might design it with the default assumption that it will be played with a single protagonist portrayed by multiple individuals. Perhaps I’ll support other modes of play as well, but that will likely be an afterthought.



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