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Since I’ve renewed my interest in game design of late, I’d been meaning to get back into The Forge. In part, this interest was increased by their recent ‘refocus‘ on actual play and actual design over abstract theory. Mostly, however, it was remembering how much my initial introduction to The Forge meant to me. It changed the way I thought about (and played!) rpgs. The community was great. It really seemed to take its own rules of ettiquette seriously.

I left The Forge in mid-2003. I’d been fairly active on its fora for a bit under a year. (fora for a – did I actually type that?) I left for a combination of several reasons. The Forge was, in my opinion, becoming a bit clique-heavy and getting bogged down in theory. These are things I probably could have dealt with, but I was also at a point in my life where my priorities were in flux. Game design went on the back burner for awhile.

After starting this blog, I thought about becoming active there again. I began reading other blogs more actively. I got to Vincent’s posts on anyway about how people who disagree with him have the wrong kind of fun. I sighed heavily. I decided to wait a little bit. Then Ron’s remarks about the “brain-damaged” were posted. I am not going to link to them, but I will link to Clinton’s comments about them.

I decided that I’ll put off my Forge-activity for a bit longer.

I wonder, though, whether there is a link between the lack of a communal theory-space in which rules of etiquette are enforced and the increase that I perceive in the use of insulting language while talking about theory.



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  1. Yeah, it’s hard to see Baker and Edwards act this way. I just want to scream something at them like “Hey! I like both orc-killing for dollars and the artsy stuff you guys do!” I used to think that the problem was the misinterpretations of the Edwards acolytes, but lately it seems like the man has bought into his own hype.

  2. It’s strange, because sometimes when you read Ron’s stuff it comes across as pretty clear that he, too, enjoys orc-killing for dollars. I admit, though, that I may well be misreading him…

    One thing that I’ve noticed is that Ron often gets tied up in what he sees as the beauty of his own analogies and will insist upon using them, even if they don’t work for anyone but him. Sometimes, this makes it rather difficult for those of us who don’t see the world in the same way he does to understand his actual point. The fact that he seems (to me) to collapse his analogies and reality together with some frequency makes this more difficult from my standpoint.

  3. Stuart

    Hey, just found your blog. I am definitely unenthused by the Forge lately, and I’d say that cliqueish is pretty heavy in the blogosphere too, but not as bad. (Vincent Baker’s is the kool-aid master of the Diaspora blogosphere it seems to me.)

    I noticed you posted a link to my LJ. Which is cool, however, that’s where I babble about personal things. All of my game design stuff is at my blog, newly converted to Word Press, the URL is http://wildmusings.wildmusegames.com . I added your blog to my links there too.



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