Neitherworld: Path Mechanics Take I

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I am going to engage in a bit of stream of consciousness here. I have some ideas rumbling around in my head about how to use the journeys of an Unborn down the DreamPaths as a locus of the game’s mechanics, and I need to have them written down somewhere.

Working assumptions: All players are playing a single Unborn. Each takes on a different aspect to play. These aspects are divided up in terms of different (though simultaneous) journeys down different DreamPaths. A DreamPath is a semi-real-semi-metaphorical path that lies between Earth and the Neitherworld (a space made of chaotic magic).

Let’s assume that each player has a limited set of resources that can be assigned to describe how the shared Unborn goes about its journey down the DreamPath assigned to that player. Let’s say (for the moment) that there are two options: Destination and Journey. Each DreamPath’s Destination lies in the Neitherworld. The higher an Unborn’s Destination rating, the less human it is (with respect to that DreamPath). Conversely, the higher an Unborn’s Journey rating in a DreamPath, the more that Unborn is concerned with the journey itself and the world of humans through which it travels.

Unborn with high Destination ratings in a DreamPath:

  • Relate poorly to humans with respect to subjects related to the DreamPath
  • Can impose the subject of their DreamPath on the mundane world
  • Have a strong connection to the Neitherworld, and can draw power from there

Unborn with high Journey ratings in a DreamPath:

  • Have an uncanny understanding of how humans relate to the DreamPath.
  • Can influence things related to their DreamPath in the mundane world
  • Have a weak connection to the Neitherworld, but can find sources of power in the mundane world



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