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Right now, I’m involved in a lot of gaming. It isn’t taking up quite as much of my life as it did when I was really involved with LARPing (and this is a very good thing), but it has gotten to the point where I have regularly had to put off plans to do productive things (like organize the kitchen, clean the chinchilla cage, paint, etc.) because of a game. Part of the issue is that work has been busy and refuses to be neatly confined to the hours between nine and five. Another part of the issue is that I’m lousy when it comes to time management.

On top of this, I’m probably going to run an occasional D&D game for my housemates… and I’m eyeing Exalted Second Edition.

The D&D game ought not to be a huge burden. It will be run every third week or so, and will steal time away from other games. I plan on using it to test out a few ideas that I’ve had about tweaking d20. One of the players will be playtesting a core Tinker class that I designed.

Exalted, I don’t have any particular prospects to run, but I like what I’ve been hearing about the changes. I don’t want to run it with the group I ran first edition with – they get too hung up on minutiae. This was a major frustration for me the first time around. If I run Exalted, I want the concerns to be big ones.



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