Remember, remember the Realms this September…

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I know almost nothing about the Forgotten Realms, the more-or-less default setting for D&D. I was always a Greyhawk kid, I guess. I never had any of the 2e FR products (books, modules, boxed sets) despite having a decent amount of other D&D things from that era. Until I played through Icewind Dale II a couple years ago, my largest exposure to the Realms was probably Elminister showing up in the pages of Dragon Magazine.

So why did I borrow my roommate’s copy of The Dark Elf Trilogy?

I part, it is due to a morbid fascination… I mean, I mock the silly drow ranger thing on occasion. I should probably know what I am talking about. I’m also constantly mystified when I see R.A. Salvatore books on the bestseller list. Do non-gamers read this stuff? They must. I’m curious as to why. We’ll see if I can get through it.

The other part is due to actual interest. I find the Underdark to potentially be an interesting setting, and I’d like to see what has been done with it. I’ve had a campaign concept in my head that is largely set there, but I haven’t really fleshed out little setting details. I tend to find gaming novels to be good tools for getting a sort of holistic feel for settings. In most cases, I find that to be the only real good use for them.

So, how much will I regret reading these books?



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