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Last night’s D&D game was fun. It was our third session, and we finally (sort of) saw some combat.

Combat the first: a guard recognized me as an escaped prisoner. I tried to bluff him with the ‘do all dwarves look alike to you?’ sort of line, but my bluff score is less than stellar. I’ll need to do something about that (and my Charisma is getting a bump at level 4, dammit!). Eventually, he attacked me for resisting arrest, and I whacked him in the face with the pommel of my short sword, knocking him unconscious. We left him in an alley, but didn’t loot his body or anything.

Combat the second: we were investigating the home of a wizard we suspect is a Bad GuyTM. We got mistaken for movers (the wizard was leaving the area) and told to pack the place up into crates, but not to go into his study. Of course we did. Unfortunately, he had a guardian construct in there. It wouldn’t actually leave the study, but it guarded it – so we did a snatch and grab thing. There was some scuffling, but no one was actually hurt (including the construct). Oddly, we decided to actually pack the guy’s apartment up for him. I did raid the guys spice rack, though.



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