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Last night, after the Run Club, we had the second session of Angela’s D&D campaign, in which I play Bart Fliegenbart, dwarven chef. In this game we:

  • Accosted a man selling barnacles (who was claiming they were goose eggs)
  • Went fishing with a rather pleasant ogre
  • Performed dentistry on an ox
  • Sold a cygnus horibilis egg to a strange noble with a disturbing egg collection
  • Bathed the half-elf
  • Snuck into a city where we’d been reportedly executed
  • Sold some dire cygnets to kobold gondoliers

Fun times were had.

I didn’t really get to cook anything this game except for some cabbage soup, but I did get a tour of the noble’s kitchen and chatted with his chef for awhile. I also earned enough money to buy some really nice kitchen knives.



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