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Last night was Aberrant. I’ve been skeptical about it, mostly because I am worn out on White Wolf and there are some system elements to the game that I really dislike.

That’s okay. Last night it was about the roleplaying.

Considering that most of the game was a big fight scene, that’s pretty cool.

The campaign is set in 1998. People have just started erupting with superhuman abilities. My character is a social worker/journalist type who is essentially a tank: he has superstrength and density increase (which increases his strength and toughness). He also has some minor emotional control powers.

So, we’re in Vegas. The previous night (and game), this lunatic Nova (another tank, this one more literal – his body has become metal) busted up a casino and hospitalized a PC. I beat him down. He got up far too quickly (NPCs with regeneration suck) and ran off. We followed him, and I tried to reach out to him, but we had to let him escape after he took a hostage.

Last night, I showed up to game late (work committments). When I got there, the crazy Nova was robbing a bank. The other PCs where either on-scene or en route (I was tossed into the latter category). The police were there, but they didn’t really know how to handle a situation in which a perpetrator is insane, bullet-proof, and capable of juggling their squad cars. We showed up to help. The fight scene was long and tense. Throughout the whole thing we were trying to handle the situation with the crazy Nova while keeping the cops calm. It didn’t help that we didn’t know what to do either – the guy kept getting back up and my PC refused to hit him while he was down. (I should note that my PC had never really tested the limits of his strength, which is potentially Hulk-level.) When he did get up, I slammed him hard enough to leave an impression of my fist in the back of his head, a three foot crater underneath him, and several
shattered windows in the surrounding area. He didn’t get up for awhile after that. I was terrified that I’d killed him.

We ironed things out with the police (i.e., blatantly lied to them) and used some connections to house the guy at a decommissioned military base in Canada, where I tried to bond with the crazy guy whose head I’d dented.. One of the better exchanges of the night:

Crazy Nova: So. What about Miranda. Habeas Corpus. My rights and crap.

Me: This is Canada.

Crazy Nova: Canada. Shit.

Maybe you had to me there, but it was beautiful.



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