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I am a horrible fidget. I always have been. I remember my friend Brian used to get incredibly annoyed at me in my seventh grade math class for clicking my pencil. That’s the earliest point at which I can remember being called a fidget. That was somewhen around 20 years ago, though.

While gaming, fidgeting can get incredibly annoying to others. I do try not to be one of those people who is constantly playing with dice. Dice make noise. They tend to be shiny and distract others when moving. If you’re rolling them it is unclear to others whether you are rolling them in response to something going on in game, or if you are just rolling them for the sake of rolling them.

I can’t realistically not fidget, though. Instead of playing with dice, I generally turn to paper and pencil. I divert my urge to fidget into a doodling urge. I try to assure my GMs that I’m not doodling due to boredom; I just need something to do with my hands. On occasion, I will doodle something appropriate to the game, but more often than not I end up with abstracts… or abstract faces. I don’t know why I’ve been ending up with so many faces of late.

Anyway, here is something I extracted from my Aberrant character sheet that I think is vaguely cool. Not all of the fine lines and shading show up well in this scan. Pencil isn’t the best thing to draw with when scanning.



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