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I’m thinking of beginning to include some Open Game Content in this blog. I have two character classes that are written: one that is essentially a remake of the Hexblade from the ground up, focusing upon melee combat, intimidation, and cursing (I call it the Dreadblade) and a Tinker class that is somewhere between Artificer and Bard. I’d like to write up some stats for some creatures both specific builds of monsters with class levels (such as the Invisible Stalker Assassin) and new creatures, including a bunch of herbivores. Everyone ignores herbivores.

I also keep coming up with ideas for individual spells and feats and such that I never do anything with… I’d like to have something to do with them. Putting them up here seems like a good enough plan.

If I do this, I might actually finish the Polymorph rewrite that Jeff has been bugging me about.



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