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So, Angela has been running this game in which I am playing a Dwarven chef. She has been making her own random encounter tables.

When I say random, I mean random.

Last night’s random encounters included:

A guitar pinned to a tree with a rusty knife.
A field of strawberries.
An abnormally large (~1ft long) cicada.
A satyr walking down the road carrying a canary in a cage.

We ate the encounters that we could (strawberries and cicada), and ignored the others.

In part, I think that was due to the timing of the encounters. Each of them almost certainly (knowing Angela as a DM) has an interesting story/subplot attached to them, but the timing of them was a bit off. If we’d encountered the satyr on the way to the town we’d been visiting as opposed to when we were leaving the town and trying to catch up to someone, we probably would have chatted with him. Similarly, with the guitar – we might have investigated it as we tried to get our bearings in town. This was, I think, a problem with depending upon the dice to tell you when to have encounters rather than using individual judgment.

I don’t think we were supposed to have eaten the cicada.

Also of note: we met a friendly worg (the worst guard dog ever) and a senile dragon, both of whom rocked.



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