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In honor of Earth Day this week, I’m going to give you a double-fey-feature.

Unfortunately, work is crazy and I haven’t written them yet. I do, however, know what they’ll be.

First, we have the Underhill Lurker. This is your typical boogeyman who lives under a hill. I’m thinking it will be an incorporeal fey who lures victims to its abode by causing beautiful flowers to grow on the hill.

Then we have the Underhill Devourer. Really, I thought of this one first – it is a degenerate version of the Underhill Lurker that has adapted to underground environs and has become an integral part of the ecology there. It causes tunnels to sprout with green plants, sustained by its fey magics. These attract herbivores of various types. The Devourer, though, has developed a taste (and scent) for blood – and only comes out of the cave walls when fresh blood is present. This usually occurs when some sort of predator is feeding on the herbivores that it has attracted.

Later this week: OGL stats. I promise.



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