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So many things are going on…

At work I have a conference coming up at the end of June that I am planning – and this is a busy time of year otherwise. Personally, I will be going away for at least two weekends in June. This upcoming weekend is a friend’s wedding (tonight is his bachelor party – I made him a meat cake). Much to do.

It is all cutting into my gaming project time.

The weekend after this coming one, I’ll be running a one-shot Secret of Zir’an game for the C-U Run Club. I am not yet ready for it, but I think that I’ll be OK.

I’m also working on a WoAdWriMo entry: The Goblins of Gourm, which is in turn part of a larger project.

Yesterday, I met Jeff for lunch (at a shwanky-hipster sushi place) and he passed me a copy of “The Taltos,” an article from Dragon written by Tom Moldvay that features a funky variant 2nd ed. AD&D class that is sort of a weird shamanistic bard. He asked me to update it to be 3.5 compatible for him – possibly as a prestige class. I probably will.

In the meantime, I haven’t abandoned the other projects on this blog: d20 herbivores, cool magic items, my monk rewrite, and the like. I mean, I just added another possibly-continuing project with Elmer’s spellbook.

Hopefully, I’ll make it to July.



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  1. Let me tell you, six pounds of meat is A LOT of meat.


    Unfortunately, when deciding to make this I forgot that while I am generally a rather good cook, two things that I am not particularly good at are (1) making burger patties that don’t fall apart and (2) decorating cakes.

  2. Oh, yeah. I used egg. Four of them, actually… for SIX POUNDS of meat.

    I took some pictures. I should post a pictorial or something.

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