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On Friday, Jeff asked an all-important question…

what the heck is a Bathalian supposed to be?

OK. Maybe the question isn’t that world-shattering, but the answer got me thinking. The answer, of course, is that a Bathalian is a non-copyright term used by miniature producers for something that looks an awful lot like a mind flayer.

I don’t want to get into a copyright discussion at the moment (though I will heartily recommend this ummm… instructional video for an incredibly amusing take on fair use). All I want to take from this right now is the observation that there are no Mind Flayers in the SRD.

There should be some sort of OGL beastie that fills the niche of utterly alien hive-mind based underground thingies that take humanoid slaves and devour their brains. Is there?

I had an idea for one.

Tiny, ten-legged spider-things. The legs radiate out evenly from the center. In the center is a single, large, pupil-less eye. Beneath the eye is a stinger. These things swarm over a victim. One of them perches in front of each of the victim’s eyes, and pierces it with the stinger. The stinger locks into the victim’s optic nerve and serves as a means for the swarm-collective to control the victim.

Controlled victims serve as a means by which the Collective can communicate with other sentient beings as well as a breeding ground and food source for new members of the Collective. Eggs are injected into a victim’s body and larval spiderythings eat their way out. Once the victim is crippled due to being eaten alive, the creatures linked into its optic nerve suck out its brain fluid, and grow to the next stage of development (a larger creature capable of controlling a swarm or – if needed – functioning independently).

I need a name for these things… and stats. Stats won’t come this week, unfortunately. Suggestions are welcome, though.



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