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I ran through my gaming schedule, so I thought I’d give an update on the various characters that I am currently playing.

Sunday, Angela’s D&D Game: Bart Fliegenbart, Dwarven Chef (Rogue 2/Ranger 2)

Bart has become the de facto group leader… of a group of misfits. I enjoy playing him quite a bit. I knew that Angela would go into excruciating detail when describing flora and fauna, so I built a character who would care about that sort of thing… because he will probably want to eat it. The character is incredibly non-optimized for anything other than cooking (his feats include Skill Focus-Cooking and Negotiator), but – with two weapon fighting and sneak attack – he’s still one of the more effective hand-to-hand combatants in the group.

Sunday, Nick’s Mage Game: Isaac Bhakar, Slacker Hermetic of House Thig

I have trouble getting excited about playing Isaac. I’m not sure if it is that the character isn’t grabbing me or if I am just burnt out on the World of Darkness. He does have some cool things going for him. He’s kind of in that slacker-rebel mindset and has a deep-seated distrust of male authority figures (daddy issues). Also, he uses a universal remote control as a magic wand (Forces focus). That’s pretty cool.

Monday, George’s Aberrant Game: Alem Tefatzion, aka Orbital

Alem is the sole nova from the nation of Eritrea. He has tremendous powers over gravity, which could make him one of the more powerful novas around. He’s also a vaguely geeky nineteen year old kid who has had to grow up more than a bit too quickly. The fact that he has become a genius with the onset of his powers has helped him assume adult responsibilities, but it hasn’t helped in preparing for them emotionally. His uncle is, essentially, a warlord who has a substantial amount of control over Eritrea’s government. It is unclear how much he has used threats of Alem’s powers to secure that control.

Tuesday, Nick’s Exalted Game: Three Ashen Pillars, Zenith Caste Solar

I’ve been playing Pillars for a few years now. He’s nuts: a religious fanatic who is a near-invincible warrior. He grew up in what is essentially a necropolis, and he has a particularly fatalistic outlook on life and death as a result. He’s been a lot of fun to play, but it has been a bit of a challenge to make him play nice with the other PCs – he’s more than a bit of a bulldozer.

Wednesday, Jeff’s D&D Game: Hjorek Hafgarson, Warrior-Historian (Bardic Sage 2/Warblade 4)

Hjorek is my newest character, I think. So far, I’ve been enjoying him. The warblade stuff is cool. Unfortunately, he hasn’t yet succeeded at a single bardic lore roll. He’s essentially been the party meatshield… which is tricky since his AC is less than stellar. While the party’s patron saint is the Punisher, Hjorek also follows the path of the Warriors Three.

Thursday, Jenn’s Piratey Exalted Game: Hijiki, Eclipse Caste Solar

Hijiki is a treasure hunter and would-be loremaster/propagandist. Unfortunately, I didn’t create the character all that wisely for the game that I’m in, and now I am frustrated with him. I’m either reworking the character or making a new one (a plucky stowaway kid, if you are curious).



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