Mediocre game night

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Last night’s gaming was mediocre at best.

We were playing Aberrant. I’d missed the past two games due to travel and work craziness, but my PC had been kept in the loop, doing a bunch of run and fetch type things that kept him off screen most of the time.

The set-up was promising. My PC was developing a crush on Grace, a young nova from Australia whose team we’d been working with… We had gotten into a bit of a rumble with some pathetic nova satanists, and one of the had mutated Grace in the fight. My character, usually thoughtful and reserved (and relatively pacifistic), wanted to kill this guy.

Instead, the GM had one NPC after another engage us in tired political debates and speculate about how to handle a problem that none of the PCs cared a whit about.

I do take some responsibility for this. I should have just said something. I should have turned to the GM and said, “Hey. Alem (my PC) is really fired up about this and wants to go a kick some satanist ass.” Alternatively, I should have just had him leave and go on a rampaging vendetta. Unfortunately, our PCs were in Australia and the satanists (as far as we knew) were somewhere in Scandinavia – Alem didn’t have an easy way to get there on his own. Also, I was personally exhausted, so I wasn’t at my peak.



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