More Exalted Frustrations

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Last night was Jenn’s piratey Exalted game.

I think I’ve concluded that I made the wrong character for the game. My PC (Hijiki) is a generalist, but the things that he’s good at are either not terribly useful or are things that someone else does better… and which we only need one person to do.

For example, Hijiki has 8 dice in his Wits+Sail pool. He can pilot a ship through just about anything. He has abilities that let him use his full die pool regardless of environmental conditions, and he can re-roll a failed die roll. This is pretty good, and it represents a not-insignificant dedication of character creation resources. Of course, someone else brought in a character who was better at sailing than I was.

Ultimately, though, I think the big problem is that the sorts of things that I wrote Hijiki up to be interested in doing are not things that I’m terribly interested in doing given Jenn’s GMing style. This isn’t a knock against her – it is more a misjudgment on my part. There are plenty of things that I could enjoy doing in her game. I’m just not playing a character who is interested in them.

So – the question – do I revamp this character somehow or replace it?



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