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So, in my WoAdWriMo contribution, I am writing up an area in which a lot of VERY BAD THINGS happened. If PCs explore this area in detail, they will see the aftereffects of some of these things. I’m toying with writing up a rather graphic Gruesome Scene table that GMs can pick from or roll randomly on… but I don’t know if that will squick some people out.




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  1. I think it really depends on the general atmosphere of the adventure. If its all pretty light-hearted up until that, it might throw people off. Also it really depends on how its written, which can be touchy. Too far into splatterpunk porn and its gonna be trouble, but if you candy-coat it too much it’ll lose any real impact and end up kind of wasted.

  2. I was bouncing some ideas off of Jeff and Pat last night after game, and I think that I have a handle on how to deal with this.

    It is pretty early on in the adventure. I think I’m going to sort of separate it out from the main text with some notes on usage and player (dis)comfort.


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