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I’ve been tossing around a lot of ideas about how to organize my Goblins of Gourm. My newest thought? Sites and Scenes.

What does that mean?

Well, most of the things that show up in GoG are in one of five or six geographic areas (depending upon how I break them up), so I’m thinking about splitting the adventure up into five or six Areas. The first Area, for example, would be Area One: The Hamlet of Greenstone. Within each Area will be two subsections. The first, Sites, would list locations in the area, descriptions of those locations, and people who are likely to be in those locations. The second, Scenes, would list events that are likely to occur when the PCs are in the Area. Some scenes would be limited to specific sites, some would not. Challenges could be in either sites or scenes. Most such challenges will likely be set within scenes, but the two or three dungeon-like areas in the adventure will have more site-related challenges.



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