A week without gaming…

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So, yesterday, Jenn (who runs the more-or-less-every-other-week Pirate Exalted game that I play in) asked me what my gaming schedule was looking like these days.

It comes out to about 3 games a week on average. I have alternating games on Sundays (D&D and Mage), a Monday game (Aberrant), an every-once-in-a-while Tuesday game (Exalted, about 1-2 times a month), an every other week Wednesday game (D&D), and an almost-every-other-week Thursday game (Pirate Exalted)… and a once every few months Run-Club game (various).

Then I realized that, despite this rather heavy schedule, my last game was on last Wednesday… a week ago today… and the next time I game will either be Sunday (which might end up canceled this week) or Monday.



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