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I’ve never been to GenCon.

I really want to go this year. I don’t know if it will happen. It ought to. Angela is going. She and Grace have a table in the art show, and will – hopefully – be selling much art. Anyway, that means I have a place to stay in Indianapolis (not that I would need one in a pinch – it is only two hours away).

The problem? I’m moving ‘in August’ – I may or may not be quasi-homeless for two weeks at the beginning of August (depending on whether we can finesse move-in times). Also, I have a conference in New Orleans in the beginning of August. I used to live there, but haven’t been back since Katrina hit. I’d like to extend that conference with some vacation time… but moving… and GenCon.


There’s no real point to this post. I was frustrated and needed to vent. Thank you for letting me vent in your general direction, Internet. You’re a good friend.



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