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First, I should apologize for not updating lately. I’m in the middle of moving and will be headed to New Orleans next week. It will probably be two weeks before I begin updating regularly… unless I figure out how to do so from my new Treo.

Anyway, I was reading a thread on a forum (probably EN World – I don’t recall) about how complicated running a d20 PC gets at high levels. Having been there, I can relate. It is even worse to create a PC at a high level… or an NPC. The latter is a huge strain for most DMs.

So, recognizing this as a problem, I began to think of a possible solution…

What if we had a thing called a MegaLevel that was essentially a five-pack of levels (or a 4-pack or whatever)? Each MegaLevel (ML) could consist in a simplified/precalculated set of benefits that you get in five levels of a class.

We could create a 18th level NPC with 3MLs and 3 levels.

I’m not sure how to do this, precisely, but it seems like a neat idea.



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