WoAdWriMo: Day Thirty-Eight

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Yesterday was fairly productive, Gourm-wise. I wrote quite a bit. I’d hit a bit of a snag in terms of how to present a section of the adventure, but Angela and I went and talked it out over late-night coffee, and it seems to be gelling.

Essentially, there’s a town of goblins – a few hundred goblins, some of whom have a not-insignificant number of class levels. It would be a bad idea for the PCs to kick in the door and take them all on (in part, this has to do with there not being a door). I had to come up with some ways of conveying this to the PCs and then anticipate how they’d handle the town… and then figure out how to present the town in a way that will make it run smoothly for the GM regardless of what the PCs choose to do.

Hopefully, I’ll finish up that section early on this week.



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