GenCon Report Part I

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I got back from GenCon last night. It was my first, and I think I took it to be a learning experience.

Initial impressions:

  • Damn. This thing is huge.
  • I kept feeling like I was probably in the room with people I knew online… but I didn’t know who they were…
  • There needs to be a Beginner’s Guide to GenCon. It isn’t obvious how to get involved in, you know, actual gaming other than demos.
  • The Ennies were pretty classy. I got to hang out with Zach.
  • People gave me free stuff. Free stuff is cool.
  • The game demos were cool, but none of them jumped out at me as must-buys.
  • I spent some money, but not as much as I might have feared.
  • Angela and Grace were in the art show – which meant they couldn’t really do anything but hang out in the exhibition hall. They did OK – not great, but it was a really good learning experience for them. Angela sold a decent number of creepy eye boxes.



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