GenCon Report Part III: Loot

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Stuff I got at GenCon:

Some pretty d20s (gift from Angela):

Some ‘practical’ dice from the Chessex booth:

A d6 from the Hinterwelt guy:

An ugly d12 from Zach (I tried to pick his ugliest die):

(and, for Jeff, the die that Zach identified as his most “metal”:


Squirrel Attack (free from the Hinterwelt guy – William? – at the Ennies)
– A game about squirrels? Yeah. It turns out that Grace almost did some art for this book (or another book in the line. Yes. There is a squirrel-rpg-line.)

Supers, Inc. (ditto)

Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals (a gift from Angela)

Tekumel, Empire of the Petal Throne (the GoO/Tristat remake, $5)
– I’ve always been curious about Tekumel. It seems like a good place to mine for ideas of weirdness.

Ex Machina (GoO/Tristat Cyberpunk game, $5)
– It occurred to me that I hadn’t read a cyberpunk game that wasn’t written in the 1980s. I wonder how this will be different…

Underdark Adventure Guide (Goodman Games, $5)
– Why not?

Splintered Peace (Atlas/Penumbra, $5)
– I like the Penumbra line. A lot. This particular book is a campaign/city book that focuses upon a city torn by racial strife. I like the idea of gaming as a method of addressing serious issues. We’ll see how this book stacks up.

DCC #14 Dungeon Interludes (Goodman Games, signed, not $5)
– Jeff ran this in our ridiculously-powerful gestalt game. The idea is brilliant: a munch of mini-adventures for a wide range of levels that tie together in an overarching plot – it can provide a good direction (or major subplot) for a campaign.

Burning Wheel Revised (Key 20, $25)
– I’ve been curious about Burning Wheel for quite some time. I decided to check it out.

50 mg D&D flash drive (free giveaway at the Ennies)
Raistlin mini (free giveaway at the Ennies)
A bunch of free modules: The Stone Crown of Cladham Silvertongues (Tronen Games, for D&D), Just a Delivery (Goodman Games, for Etherscope), Temple of Blood (Goodman Games, for D&D), DCC #51.5 The Sinister Secret of Whiterock (Goodman Games, for D&D)
A WoW CCG starter set (free in the GenCon bag)
A Mon Calamari Star Wars mini (free in the GenCon bag)



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