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It was good to be in New Orleans.

Now I am back.

The guest house I was staying in was awesome. They had an internet connection, but I mostly stayed connected via my nefty-new phone (a Treo 700). It occurred to me that the Treo probably has some good gaming uses, other than being a handy calculator.

It can function as an mp3 player (or a video player) which might be useful when GMing. It can store pictures. It has a camera and camcorder.

More usefully, it is a web browser – I can access d20srd.org at the table, which is nice.

Maybe I can find some die-rolling programs for it? The Pen, Paper,& Pixel one isn’t working on the Treo… though most of their other tools do (which is good). Ah! The Wizards die roller does work, though. That’s cool.

If I figure out a workable format, I could keep my character sheets on there… and definitely can use it to track things like xp, cash, and such.

I’m sure there are some other cool ideas out there.

Also, I should note that Angela has taken to referring to my Treo as a Pocket Secretary.



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  1. I started using my laptop at the table a few games back and I’m never going back. Being able to point-and-click the D20 SRD is awesome, I have access to my entire music library, and I even made a little Flash soundboard to jazz things up (the favorite being the sound my wife’s puppy-shaped Magic Missiles make). The wonders of tomorrow, today!

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