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Last night was the first session of Jeff’s Rebel Scum game. It was a whole pile of fun. Heavy on the action, light on the rules. It felt like Star Wars. That was good. I finished the night with two hit points – mostly because I kept forgetting things like Force Points and the Second Wind rules…

Then I got home, and I had Internet. That, too, was good.

Then I noticed that the D&D website had been replaced with a countdown to 4venture.


That ruined my night.

…and I am not entirely sure why.



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  1. I am quite pleased with your take on last night’s game. “It felt like Star Wars.” is about the highest compliment I could hope for.

    I can totally understand how this new 4th edition announcment is going to hit some people hard, especially if the licensing changes. You’ve invested a lot of effort into 3.5 and the rug has ban yanked out from under you.

    If they go to some sort of “all fan material must appear on our site” policy, I will be disinclined to purchase their products.

  2. If you were wondering, the most Star Wars-y parts of it were probably the ones you haven’t gotten to yet in your blog.

    The droid king bit, while fun, felt a bit off. Maybe it was the non-droid goofy name…

  3. Yeah, I knew I was taking a chance by making the names stupid and not droidy. But my idea was that these droids had rejected their “slave names” but were terrible at coming up with their own people names.

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