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Lore Sjöberg thinks he’s funny.

He hasn’t been. Not since the Brunching Shuttlecocks… and I suspect that Brunching may have been funny despite him.

I sometimes find myself reading his column in Wired – mostly because I follow a link and didn’t realize it would end up on his column. I find that I am invariably sorry I did so.

His latest column is at once a press release for 4e D&D and a send-up of old-school-gamer one-upsmanship.

It also feeds the fears of those who think that gamers are mentally unstable individuals who can’t tell reality from fantasy. It is the sort of press we could do without.


…and it isn’t funny.



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  1. Really? I thought it was pretty funny.

    But then, I’m also seriously considering that for my sandbox campaign concept that replacement characters really ought to start at 0xp.

  2. That’s messed up, yo.

    I might have thought it was funny if it was (1) half as long and (2)didn’t have the last bit.

    Probably not, though. It seems like beating a dead horse to make fun of something that is already a ridiculous on its face mockery of itself.

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