I attack the volcano!

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Tuesday night was Jenn’s Exalted game (which I was frustrated with for a bit…. but then made a new character and that helped). We had a hiatus for most of the summer, so I’ve only played the new PC a few times. I’m having a lot of fun playing the impulsive and mostly-clueless (but hyper-competent) kid.

We were on one of the islands in the Wavecrest Archipelago when we saw some priests taking a bunch of prisoners to throw them into the volcano at the center of the island. The volcano was apparently hungry.

On this island, all criminals were treated equally – they were imprisoned (albeit for variable lengths of time). If they happened to be imprisoned when the volcano got hungry, they got thrown in.

I should note, for my readers that don’t know, that Exalted is set in an animistic world. When I say that the volcano was hungry, I mean it literally. The volcano has a spirit/god that was demanding sacrifices.

Red (my PC) didn’t like that. He raced ahead of the prisoners and challenged the volcano to show and explain itself. Lava flowed out of the ground and congealed into the image of a skull.

There was some talking of the smack, and then the game ended for the night.

Next session should start with a bang.



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