Recipe Book: Spider Legs with Orange Sauce

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4 pounds spider legs, about 1-2 feet long each
1 mug light ale
1 orange
1 small onion
1/3 pound butter
1 handful flour

  1. make sure your spider legs are thoroughly washed
  2. soak the legs in one half the ale, mixing them around occasionally
  3. grate 1/3 of orange peel
  4. juice the orange
  5. mince the onion
  6. melt a small amount of butter in a pan
  7. set the rest of the butter in a bowl near the fire.
  8. mix the flour into the melted butter to form a paste. add more butter if needed
  9. add the minced onion
  10. slowly add about half the grated orange peel
  11. follow this by mixing in one-half of the ale and the orange juice a bit at a time
  12. cook this until it boils. mix constantly.
  13. take off the fire and set it nearby so that it is warm
  14. mix rest of orange peel in with now-melted butter
  15. remove spider legs from ale. pat dry
  16. coat spider legs in orange-butter
  17. grill spider legs for about 3 minutes. flip and grill them for about two more minutes.
  18. serve with orange sauce for dipping


  • Unless you live in southern lands were oranges are plentiful, be sure to either use the rest of the orange soon or dry it out for later use.
  • If you cannot find spider legs of the appropriate size, use larger legs. Larger legs are tougher, so be sure to marinate them longer and add some vinegar and molasses (or honey!) to the marinade. Do not use smaller legs, as they tend to be sour.
  • If you have access to spices, you can add some to the pan when you make the sauce. Add them a bit before you add the butter.
  • If you buy a whole spider (which I recommend), be sure to remove the poison sacs before removing the legs. It is easy to accidentally rupture a poison sac when dismembering a spider. If the spider’s body isn’t big enough for steaks, save it for soup!

-Bart Fliegenbart



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