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I probably should have just stayed home sick today, but I came into work this afternoon to prep for a couple meetings tomorrow.

The request for proposals for a big mega-grant that I’m working on was just published yesterday. The applications are due February 1, which means I will be crazy-busy until then. This probably won’t detract from my blogging, but it does mean that I miss out on some good gaming possibilities. Jeff is needing a break from GMing. Under other circumstances, I would totally just step up to the plate and run something (hell – they could probably even talk me into running Exalted), but the timing on this is all kinds of bad for me.

Also, I need a good name for my magic-punk project. I don’t want to add “-punk” to something. That’s overdone. I’ve been using “The Street” – but that’s not terribly descriptive. Any suggestions?



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