Update, of sorts

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Games I am playing in:

I’m still playing in Nick’s Mage: The Ascension game (I’m playing a Hermetic slacker), Angela’s D&D game (Dwarven chef), and Jenn’s Exalted game (clueless kung-fu kid). Each of these are on a more-or-less every-other-week basis.

Jeff’s Star Wars game is on hiatus or something, as he is going through a bit of (totally understandable) GM burnout. I’d pick up the slack if I had the time. I wish I did. Our Monday game is shifting from Aberrant to a Morrow Project-inspired post-apocalyptic game using the new World of Darkness base rules.

I’m curious about the nWoD rules. I’m sort of burnt out on the Storyteller system, but this variant might be different enough for me to deal with it.

I’ll let y’all know.

In gaming project news:

My magic-cyberpunk-project is gestating. I still need a name for it.

I’ve been working on Gourm more. I was stymied a bit by the 4e announcement. My solution: focus less on the stats and more on the setting. Get the text done. When I’m there, I can worry about statting everything for 3.5 or 4e or both.

Next Post: Real Content. I promise.



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