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I’ve been getting the GMing itch lately.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to run a game until February at the earliest.

One of my first reactions to the idea of running a game was to think about asking people I play with the following questions:

If you could have me run any RPG campaign for you…

  • What genre would it be? (examples: fantasy, cyberpunk, pulp, kitchen sink, etc.)
  • What tone would it have? (examples: horror, heroic, shades-of-gray, funny, etc.)
  • Is there any setting element that it would have that isn’t included in the above? (examples: steampunk, city-based, spaceship-based, interdimensional travel, etc.)
  • What sort of character would you play? (examples: too many to list)
  • What sorts of plots would you like? (examples: conspiracies, politics, dungeon raids, etc.)

Then it occurred to me that no one has ever really asked me all these questions in preparation for a campaign. This made me sad.

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments. I’m curious.



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  1. You have to be careful with that question. Asking 2 of my 3 players that question birthed the serious/funny/high fantasy/merchant/mercenary/trader campaign. The third player refused to add any more descriptors after hearing the answers the first two gave.

  2. It isn’t simply asking the questions, but engaging the players in a discussion of what they want to get out of the game…

    So, one player might want a serious/high fantasy/mercenary campaign, while another wants a funny/merchant/trader campaign.

    What’s underlying these desires? How much of it is the campaign they want to play in and how much of it is the PCs they want to play? (Would the second have been happy playing the negotiator-with-a-sense-of-humor for a mercenary company in a high fantasy game?)

    If you run into a situation where someone wants to play a silly game and the others want to play in a serious game… it is a good idea to know this, as it either needs to be addressed or it is potentially going to cause problems.

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