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I’m really wiped out from work right now. This is the busiest I’ve been in about two years, and there is all kinds of backstabbing political crap going on right now… and it looks like I’m backstabee numero uno.


So, anyway, I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating very much of late. I’ve been preoccupied.

That said, I had lunch with Jeff the other day. Oddly, we mostly talked about things other than gaming… but we did discuss possible future games. We both said that we’d love it if Doug ran something. I thought his d20 Modern Star Frontiers game rocked. Unfortunately, he said he doesn’t have time to run something.

Neither do I.

I probably will, however, in February.

But what?

Jeff said he’s mostly up for anything… when pressed, he expressed an interest in something post-apocalyptic. I’m still waiting to hear back from Doug. I don’t even know if he’s interested, though. Pat? Anyone else local?

What’s going on in my head…

I think I’d like to run a game that’s episodic or mission-based.

I’m still playing around with this cyberpunkfantasy thing, but I don’t know what system I’d want to run it in. Heavily-modified d20/d20 Modern? Shadowrun?

I could run Shadowrun, but I’d have to bone up on the system.

Doug’s been bugging me about Exalted. I’m almost tempted to cave in and just run the damn thing. Given my druthers, though, I’d rather run a modified d20 game set in an Exalted-inspired world. That I could do.

Nobilis is sitting on top of my PC case. It stares at me.

I could also go for a Thundarr-esqe game… a post-apocalyptic world with strange mutations, weird science, and magic… possibly bringing in some of those Exalted elements.

I’m probably forgetting half a dozen things I’d be interested in running…

No. I’m not very decisive. Why do you ask?



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