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I got my Paizo/Green Ronin sale order in yesterday: The Freeport Trilogy, Denizens of Freeport, SpirosBlaak, and Temple Quarter (for under $14 total with shipping. not bad.)

Work is still insane, so I only really glanced at them. First impressions:

The Freeport Trilogy: Not really my first impression. I’d seen it before. Will I find use for it? At least $2 worth, yeah.

Denizens of Freeport: Lots of evil types and people who aren’t what they appear to be. It looks useful, but perhaps not as useful as a more generic set of NPCs would be. On the other hand, it looks like there are a lot of potential plot hooks here. It looks like it will better serve as a plot-generator than a set of filler NPCs.

SpirosBlaak: Interesting, but not what I was hoping for… most of the setting information is ancient history and religion. Most of the book is crunch. It does have some interesting (and extensive) black powder rules. It also has some new classes and races, but they don’t have a huge amount of appeal at first glance. The map is small and shaded to the point of illegibility.

Temple Quarter: I’m not a map-fetishist, but damn. The maps in here are gorgeous. (Sadly, the rest of the art is mediocre at best.) Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the book includes details on anything other than temples, religions, and priest-types. I’d hoped for some businesses catering to religious-types: bookstores, an inn, artisans, etc.



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