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I’m of two minds about running a D&D game right now. On one hand, d20 is the system that I know the best of those I’m willing to run. (I may know Storyteller better.) On the other, it has a bit of a lame-duck feel to me at the moment.

That said, if I were to run a more-or-less-straight D&D game I’d probably want to run one of the following:

  • A game based around a troubleshooting/P.I. type business, with the PCs as agents (or maybe a governmental/guild-based spy-thing). This would probably be mostly urban. It would work in a cosmopolitan setting. Maybe Sigil (Planescape) or Sharn (Eberron). I’d go for a noir feel here… with a dash of pulp.
  • The post-apocalyptic Thundarr-type thing I mentioned yesterday.
  • A game based almost entirely in the Underdark. This could also be combined with the first thing on this list.
  • A psychedelic, cross-dimensional travel game. Inspired by Otherland, Marvel Comics Exiles, and a bunch of other stuff.
  • I might also be able to be talked into running a published adventure path. Maybe.

There are heavily-modified d20 things I could run that aren’t listed above. These are just things that would be mostly recognizable as D&D. I’m also, as always, probably forgetting something.

On a side note, the work-stress was lessened today. This is good.



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  1. Thundarr plus Exalted sounds pretty swank to me, but I doubt I’m telling you anything new on that count. The Underdark would be a cool place to visit, too. I’d play an adventure path, but it’s not my first choice.

  2. Yeah, I figured that would resonate with you. I’ll play around with some options. Need to see if anyone else is interested.

    The AP option wouldn’t be my first choice either.

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