Heroes of the Second Age

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So… who are the PCs in a Second Age campaign?

PCs are individuals who have learned (consciously or unconsciously) to empower their anima and/or affect the spirit world. These fall, roughly, into three categories:

1. Those who have learned techniques (through study, natural talent, or happenstance) to manipulate the spirit world. Wizards fall into this category.

2. Those who have entered into some sort of pact with a true god, and have had their anima tied to that of a god, receiving some of its power. The most common such pact involves promising worship, but there are many possibilities (spreading the god’s name elsewhere, selling your soul, undertaking some task on the god’s behalf, etc.).

3. Those who have, unconsciously, learned to strengthen their anima over time. This might be due to increasing self-awareness, skill, confidence, or fame (or some combination of the above). Many people do this to some degree, but there are those who become capable of superhuman feats.



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