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This is part one of a follow-up to my last post.

I’ve been thinking more about size and its effect upon combat in d20. I’ve come to a couple of preliminary conclusions. Primary among these is that the scaling of everything relative to “Medium” size and the 5′ square is a source of many problems. Here’s a simple fix that probably raises a host of other issues (including lots of CR-shifting), but is pretty neat nonetheless:

Everything has a “Base Square” – a medium sized creature’s base square is 5′, a large creature’s base square is 10′, a huge creature’s is 15′, etc.

The base square is the space taken up by a creature.

A creature can take a step to an adjacent base square (formerly a 5′ step).

A creature can make an attack on an adjacent base square. To do so, it makes an attack roll against every creature in that square. Those hit may attempt to avoid the attack by making a reflex save vs a DC equal to the attacker’s to hit result.



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