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Angela has started up an art blog for Necropolis Studios.

Right now, it has a picture of her working on the awesome dragon she’s making and some pics that Grace drew/painted at the Con.

Have I mentioned this dragon before? It is going to be amazing. The thing is big – about the size of the Wizard’s colossal red dragon (though this one will fit on a 6″x6″ base, if you want it to…).

Angela tends to be a bit obsessive over detail. She’s sculpting every scale individually – and some of them are so tiny that you need to squint to make out the detail. She’s modeled it on a variety of animals in terms of head shape (carnosaur), scale patterns (crocodile, uromastyx), and teeth (I don’t remember). She’s left gaps in the tooth patterns and sized the jaw so that it actually makes sense and could, in theory, close (unlike most dragon sculpts). She fussed over forelimb/wing musculature until she got something as plausible as I’ve ever seen (the whole double-limb on one shoulder thing is pretty tricky).

She’s sculpting it in wax, and will cast it in, I think, drystone (a strong, plaster-like medium that is used to make some dishware and stuff). She’s going to make a bunch of these things in the hopes of being able to offer them at a reasonable price (she’s going to probably put well over 100 hours into the original). Most will feature glass eyes, as well. I think they’ll be available both painted and unpainted and on various sorts of groundform (including the above-mentioned 6″x6″ square).

I’ll post pictures at some point.



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