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On Sunday, Angela ran D&D… and it was a fairly combat-heavy game for that campaign (we tend to avoid combat).

The first fight involved a bunch of Phantom, Sand-form Skiurids (shadow-squirrels with a couple of weird templates). Angela has taken to marking up the battlemat with an identifying number next to each opponents’ miniature. This works reasonably well, but she’s also put a running hp total next to them as well. While this is useful, it involves a lot of erasing, markers can be hard to read, and this makes hp of enemies transparent to the players.

I was brainstorming about a better solution. I think I came up with one: little circular stickers. Mark them with an initial hp total at the beginning of combat. Stick them on the bottom of the minis. Now you can write on them with a pencil or fine-point pen, keeping the info directly with the individual miniature and away from the eyes of the players.



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