February is Con Month

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…for me at least.

The last Con I attended was Gen Con.

This upcoming weekend is Winter War, a con I could walk to if the weather weren’t miserable.

I’m hoping to play in Jeff’s Encounter Critical game if it doesn’t fill up. Otherwise, I don’t have any plans for it yet, which isn’t the smartest way to handle a Con (as I learned at Gen Con). I’m taking suggestions.

The weekend after that is Capricon. Angela and Grace have a table in the dealer’s room there. Angela’s been working on a big dragon sculpt (about the size of the D&D Colossal Red Dragon), but it may not be ready in time – particularly if she’s still sick. She’s incredibly detail-oriented and dragons, you see, have these things called scales that require individual attention…

Anyway, Capricon looks fun. There are some interesting panels, but far too many of them are about pirates. Fortunately, a few of the ones about pirates include Gene Wolfe on the panel – which could be interesting. There’s also a recurring Shadowrun game. I might have to get in on one of those.



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