Taco Like a Pirate Weekend

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Last weekend, I headed up to Capricon. Angela and Grace had a table in the dealers’ room.

Not that my con-going experience is vast or anything, but it was the most well-organized con I’ve ever been to. The signage was remarkably good. The badges were made of hard plastic. The con suite was always fully stocked with a dozen different types of beverages and snack foods (including veggie trays and fruit). They even fed the dealers (Jimmy John’s, with vegetarian options).

It was also the most thoroughly themed con I’ve ever been to. The theme was “Pirates” – which is easy – but not only were there tons of people in pirate outfits, but there were pirate parties (with an award for the best use of Captain Morgan’s), pirate-themed panel discussions, and Taco Like a Pirate night (a free taco bar on Thursday night).

Mostly, though, I hung out in the dealers’ room as moral support and an additional salesperson. Grace was selling originals and prints of her artwork. Her cute stuff seemed to do best. Angela sold a bunch of boxes with eyes. Also, Angela was sculpting an incredibly-detailed big dragon (about 2-feet tall) at the table, which attracted a lot of attention… and e-mails from people who wanted to know when she’ll be done with it. She’ll be casting a series of 50 of them, and some of them will be on 6″x6″ bases… I’ll post pictures at some point.

Their table was also next to Glen Cook‘s – he was selling books. That was kind of cool. Spending as much time as I did in the dealer’s room, I bought stuff I shouldn’t have (including a cheap sword).

I also played a Shadowrun game at the con. It was fun. I like the 4th edition of it more…

Next con (which may be DuckCon): remember to bring boardgames.

Coming soon: actual gaming content
(I feel like I say that a lot, lately)



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