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My grant has been submitted. My life can now return to normalcy.

…or some semblance thereof.

This weekend was a weekend of rest.

Friday was a snow day, so it was a much-needed three-day weekend. I didn’t leave the house until yesterday.

I spent most of Friday fighting with my DVD drive. It died. I tried two others we had lying around the house. They were dead, too… but I’d expected them to be. Yesterday, I went and bought a new one.

Why the DVD drive obsession? As a treat for myself after the grant, I picked up a copy of Oblivion… and a new video card so it would run on my PC. I’ve been wanting to play Oblivion since before it came out. I adored Morrowind. The exploration was a ton of fun.

I only got a bit of time on Oblivion in yesterday, but it looks like it will be good. Also, the character-imaging controls are ridiculous.

Also, the new video card will let me play some games that I’ve had for a bit but abandoned due to my lousy on-board video card not being able to run them well.

It occurs to me that I now have a decent gaming machine. My PC isn’t super-fast (though it is competent), but I have a good video card now, and I’ve had a ridonkulous (big ol’ widescreen) monitor for awhile now.

Angela was planning on running D&D last night… and playtesting some of the ideas I’ve had for fighting big things. Unfortunately, she got sick (I think a bad cold). Nick ended up running his Mage 1950s flashback/interlude game instead. I’m playing a former soldier/momma’s boy/insurance salesman (all of which are intrinsically linked together) Euthanatos.

See? I talked about gaming a wee bit there…



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