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This past weekend, I stopped by Winter War, the local gaming con.

I’ve been living in town since 2001. This is the first time I’ve gone.

I wasn’t actually aware of it for the first few years. After that, I’d been told that it was all historical miniatures battles (not really my thing). Then there were a couple of years in which the timing was bad… I was out of town or something.

Now, there does appear to be a lot of the historical mini thing going on… but there are also other mini games, boardgames, and (gasp) rpgs.

So, yeah. I went for a day. Unfortunately, I didn’t pre-register… so I didn’t get into any rpgs. That made me sad. I wandered the dealer room for a bit. It turns out that Dave bought some interest in the Armored Gopher (FLGS). One of the other local gaming stores was unsurprisingly (but sadly) bitter and whiny about the fact that the con organizers had actually let in competition. I was unsympathetic.

Anyway, the con was OK. I’d have gotten more out of it if I’d planned for it. This is getting to be a common theme – and I will, eventually, learn this lesson.

I got to play Railroad Tycoon (much fun, but odd) with Jeff’s sister. I got to meet Jum and his wife. I sat in on a strangely amusing game auction. It was a pretty good Saturday.

Also, someone in the dealer room was practically giving away Dreamblade minis. Angela got a pile of them (she likes minis. she likes surreal things). She used some of them in our D&D game last night (as a giant, mutant rat and some gibbering mouthers). We also actually played a game of Dreamblade. It was pretty fun, actually.



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