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Angela’s been running her D&D game for over a year now. We play about twice a month or so, on average. I’ve been playing Bart, my dwarf chef, for the entire time. The group’s at 8th level now – though we often end up tackling things much harder than we should. Tonight, for instance, we took out a 17th level necromancer (surprise is a wonderful, wonderful thing… so is luck).

I thought I’d throw up a copy of his character sheet for your voyeuristic pleasure. He’s a pretty good example of the sort of character who grew very organically. He started out multiclassing ranger and rogue, but our group was hurting from the lack of arcane casting… and we’d just captured the spellbook of a drow wizard, so I used that as an excuse to multiclass once again into duskblade. I’m enjoying the duskblade bit – in particular, the truly obscene number of cantrips I can cast adds some flexibility to the character. I really don’t know where I’ll go from here. I might take my next two levels in ranger, but we’ll see…

Anyway, Bart is far from min-maxed, in my opinion, though he does have obscene ability scores (pretty much all the PCs do – but we don’t have any stat-boosting items, really, so it more or less balances out).

Also, I’ve taken to creating character sheets in a word processor. It lets me put things where I want them. I like it.

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