Cooking with Magic I

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Basic: Mending
The kitchen uses of the Mending cantrip are innumerable. The spell does not have an effect upon creatures, but dead things are considered objects rather than creatures. Want to check the doneness of your meat? Slice it open as far as you want… and then cast this simple spell to mend the tear. Mending can also be used for more exotic purposes. A popular gourmet technique involves serving small portions of food inside hollowed-out eggs that are mended so as to appear whole.

Intermediate: Animate Dead
Few people want to eat a zombie, but necromancy has been used as a unique presentation technique. Roast an animal whole and present it before your dinner guests – then animate it as a skeleton. The flesh will fall smoothly off of the bones, which can then walk away (or be commanded to dance as dinner entertainment).

Advanced: Clone
Some gourmands are curious about the taste of various sentient creatures, but understandably wary of moral concerns. The clone spell allows for the creation of a soulless, inert duplicate of a creature. Perhaps unsurprisingly due to the remarkable expense of the cloning process, this is usually used for particularly large creatures.



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