Cooking With Magic II

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Basic: Reduce Person
A small person needs half as much food and water to sustain himself as one of medium size. This has obvious benefits from a food-conservation standpoint. It also has benefits for the frugal arcane gourmet who has limited access to large quantities of high-quality ingredients.

Intermediate: Gentle Repose
The benefits of being able to perfectly preserve a creature’s corpse are obvious to any cook.

Advanced: Stone to Flesh
While best known for its capability of restoring petrified victims of medusae and other horrific creatures, this spell can also turn regular stone into a fleshy, edible substance. The particular qualities (and flavors) of this substance are highly dependent upon the type of stone it once was. Arcane chefs will search out particular geological features for unusual flavor combinations. It is notable that this substance, if produced from very clean stone, can be safely eaten raw. In such cases, it is often served in its stone form (usually sculpted) and transmuted immediately before being eaten.



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