4e: last minute thoughts

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I have the core books on pre-order through the Armored Gopher… so, hopefully, I will get them on release day.

The more I hear from people who have the books or have seen them, the less optimistic I am as to whether the game will be one I’ll want to actually play. I’m pretty sure the system will be fun to design stuff in, but… I don’t know. My concern that just about everything rule-wise is being reduced to its role in combat has been strengthened by just about everything I’ve read.

While I usually don’t judge games by their art, I really don’t like the direction of the art that has been released (with a few notable exceptions). I think it reinforces my fear that monsters are going to lose their identity in a sea of variants. (Today’s reveal? Zombie artillery. Gross? Yeah. Make sense? Not so much.)

To be fair, D&D before 2nd ed AD&D was pretty much totally combat-centric rule-wise… In that sense, the move back toward a combat-centric rules system is sort of retro… but, as I noted in my last post, I’m not really into the retro gaming thing.



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