Iron Man

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Angela and I went and saw Iron Man last night.

I was impressed for all the usual reasons – good acting, good story, great visuals, and enough fidelity to the source material that the deviations didn’t bother me.

What’s more, the movie succeeded without the overabundance of supervillains that plague superhero movies these days. This is really heartening. Hopefully, it will set a new trend.

One of the central themes of the story was focused on taking responsibility for ones past actions and taking extraordinary measures to correct past mistakes. It struck me earlier today that this could make for an interesting series of plots in a campaign. Early on in the PCs’ career, let them make a deal that will give them an immediate benefit for little cost… the primary cost will be to others who the PCs won’t expect to ever have to see. Later on in their career, confront them with the reality of the results of this deal. Let them see the effects on those who suffered because of it. Let the individual/group they made the deal with benefit from this suffering… and watch the PCs (hopefully) take responsibility…



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