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Yesterday, I got my copy of Dreams of the First Age. For those who don’t know, this is an Exalted box set that was just released. You know how lots of fantasy settings have the ancient empire or whatever in which magic was free, ridiculously powerful artifacts were created, and all that? Exalted has one of those, too: The First Age. Like most things in Exalted, this is turned up to (at least) 11.

DotFA is a supplement for playing PCs in the First Age. I haven’t looked through it extensively yet, but it looks impressive. First, it is a box set. I don’t know when I last got an RPG that came in a box. It was probably in the 1980s. Inside the box were:

  • Lords of Creation, a book with supplementary game rules for the First Age.
  • Lands of Creation, a book with supplementary setting information for the First Age.
  • A cloth-ish map of Creation. Cool, but the level of detail wasn’t great.
  • A heavy cardstock battle-wheel (for tracking actions in combat).
  • An in-character city guidebook (in the spirit of things like The Book of Nod).

The two main books in the box are pretty substantial. I haven’t done more than glance through them, but… at first glance… I’m impressed.

In other news, I’m reading Nobilis.



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